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My Doctorian Whoness

Watched all four seasons (guided by the expert hands ofehnel  ) and bits of Torchwood, inspected fanfiction and fanvids, have a fic idea concerning Donna and the sunscreen speech, built something called a Wibbly-Wobbly Fourth Wall Theory which I may or may not post later.

The verdict is that I am a sold-out, solid fangirl.

</lj>I. Ten vs Nine:
Nine wins, by very little. Ten is cute, Ten is sweet, Ten is too thin for me, whereas Nine is sheer sex, despite my prejudices against blue-eyed men. Ten is graceful and grand, Nine is weather-beaten and pirateish. Ten has a saving-people thing that often comes across as smarmy and all-or-nothing, Nine is much more in touch with individuals. Ten has toes, Nine has ears. And so far, Nine's development arc is so, so much more satisfying. Starts out as a grouch who hasn't got anyone. Slowly unravels his complexes and starts letting go of them, gains friends almost despite himself, is given one moment of pure joy - goes from everybody dies to everybody lives. In the end, he's a happy, stupid noble person who is very much in love and unable to commit genocide because he's good. Self-sacrifice for love, check. Then - we get Ten. Ten starts out a happy, stupid noble person who is very much in love and unable to commit genocide because he's good. Then he becomes a mopey, bastardly angstbucket. Then he morphs into a rather well-adjusted sidekick to Donna Awesome, and he's very near to being happy. Then suddenly, back to angstbucketry, side a side-order of Donna-betrayal. Sigh.

II. Jackie vs Francine vs Sylvia
Jackie. All three are messy, selfish people with issues, but Jackie is actually good. And she definitely loves Rose. Francine probably loves Martha, and you can't blame her for falling for the Master like the whole country did - and  it sucks to be her. But she simply isn't likable, and Martha seems to be an awesome person in spite of Francine. [while Rose is partly awesome because of Jackie] Sylvia simply sucks and no amount of ooc "She still is" fondness will make up for making much of the void around Donna's shouts.

III. Mickey  vs Jack
Mickey, actually. Sweet, sexy and not Jesus, what more could a girl ask for.

 IV. The finales
S1 wins by several miles. A perfect ending to a perfect Doctor, with perfect application of  simple-humans-save-the-worldness (aka. Mickeyness), lovely music, and the idea of Dalek!BigBrother is just perfect in every way. Only Adipose rivals this plot in brilliance.

Then comes S3, by virtue of not containing any Daleks. And Martha being the kick-ass and brilliant. And Jack on a cross, people. And Harry Saxon is a deliciously evil Mister Bastard Master. Minus point for bluey glowy Doctor and setting time anew.

Then comes S2 which is lovely and heart-breaking and I won't be rewatching it, and I don't generally like men who cry. but, mmm. Mmmm. I nearly cried myself, and oh god, Rose was awesome.

Then, naturally, S4, which starts awesome and ends up horrible, with highlights. I didn't mind the Rose ending, after having constructed the Wibbly-Wobbly Fourth Wall Theory (you assume it's reality, not just a cheesy plot device to placate us, but you also assume the parting scene is badly-written rather than the characters themselves being weepy bastards), yeah, I like it. But Donna? You've GOTTA be joking. Nothing was ever this sad ever ever. And yes, it WOULD have been better if she'd died. Unless she returns. In which case I hope she kicks his Time Lordy arse from here to Poosh.


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Sep. 30th, 2008 06:43 pm (UTC)
I'll wait with the debating until I'm done watching all the eps.
Sep. 30th, 2008 09:34 pm (UTC)
Ten has toes, Nine has ears.

That sounds like it could be developed into characterisation-discussion-meta, you know. Sort of summarisationings of their characters ...
Oct. 1st, 2008 02:06 am (UTC)
Your description of the character arcs of Nine vs. Ten is made of win. I also couldn't agree more about the mother comparison. Jackie is trashy, abrasive, but ultimately wonderful and loving. Francine seems like she might be basically a worthy person, but we're given nothing to enable us to like her. Sylvia is poison. Annoying poison.

"Parting of the Ways" is far and away the best season finale, but I couldn't even begin to rank the others. I have such conflicting feelings of love and hate for all of them. Your Wibbly-Wobbly Fourth Wall is a great way of explaining how to stay sane about the 10.5/Rose ending.
Oct. 4th, 2008 03:59 pm (UTC)
Its odd. When I was watching Nine I loved him, utterly and completely, he was in his own words "Fantastic!" I can remember being utterly distraught at the end of season one because he had gone and who was this David Tennant person anyway? I was firmly convinced that Nine was *my* Doctor and would forever live on in my heart.

And then I watched the Christmas special and he did sword fighting and wanted to be ginger and destroyed Harriet Jones in a fit of pique and had such a lot of fun. And that kind of set the tone for the rest of the series.

I love Ten because he takes my breath away, because his hair seems to have a life of its own, because he clearly loves what he does but has learnt (from Queen Victoria) that he has to respect the human cost, that fact that he now always says "I'm sorry, so sorry", doesn't give second chances (except to Rose with whom he has a blind spot the size of London), that scene in Runaway Bride, fire and water, that he is alien, the DoctorDonna, his and the Master, just him and the Master. I don't know I just love him and I watch Nine now and I think... you are fantastic but you are not my Doctor, my Doctor wears Converses.

Also Nine comes with Rose and through no fault of her own I am a bit fed up with Rose. Mainly because of the countless fanwanking on the subject. I never really felt comfortable with the romance subplot in the first place (I like my romance none existent thank you very much) and now I just feel that her story line has run its course now could we just please leave it there please.

Donna on the other hand... While I disagree about the better to have died thing, mainly because of Turn Left which clearly showed that Donna will be awesome even if she doesn't have the Doctor and also because it is clearly the writers making sure that she is available to come back at a moments notice should Catherine Tate agree to another special/season. I adored Donna. But I cannot feel angry at the Doctor for what he did because he's the one that just lost his best friend and he did what he could to make sure that she continues to be awesome, just not with him. Also I spent most of that scene going "Wow Donna really has gotten some of him, she is doing exactly what he does, avoiding the issue and avoiding the issue until someone else forces him to address it. And then bawling my eyes out.

And yes, the Master makes for the best season ending, even with Tinkabell Doctor, I think I'e watched those episodes more times then I care to remember. NOW HERE IT COMES, THE SOUND OF DRUMS!!!

Nov. 11th, 2008 05:34 pm (UTC)
Dr. Who is love. I myself am currently journeying through the series guided by my new roommate. I am about four episodes into season 3 and I love Martha immensely, though I still miss Mickey. Lj has been like a minefield since I started, having to avoid all the spoilers. I never realized my entire f-list watched the show.
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