My Five Things

Please, for the love of all that is holy and writerly, gimme prompts, people. You know, Five Things-shaped ones.  "And One ___  ____ Didn't" optional. Just anythingwhatever.

{Clarification via example: Five Times Kaylee Ate Strawberries (and One Time She Didn't) et cetera.}

Can be random original somethingness, can be fandom - my usual HP, Good Omens, Who, whatever and also Firefly, though I haven't quite finished watching the series and if you spoil me for the film heads may roll, and Being Human and, er, apparently, Merlin. Don't mock. Also! Xkcd! Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Whatever strikes your fancy really, I'll decline only if I know nothing 'bout it.

Help an ailing mathematician spark it and work it!

[Indeed, make a meme of it. I'll gladly give you prompts. I just have problems giving any to myself.]

Also. Because I'm on the recovering end of a very difficult week, random music meme waffing aroundness ahoy, as stoled from ehnel  ages ago
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My Birthday Fic

Rejoice, my friends, for I still roam this earth, ish. Mathematics has made me her bitch, and writing is my bitch, and we live in a confusing bohemian triamory, with dogwhips.

And speaking of me, I am here ish, though not on IMing places so much any more, but if you wish to shower me with tributes in the form of emails, links, or fic, you may do so. I shall be gratified. And may even reply. And yes, this is the way I grovel for my absence, thanks. Chilla: putting the love in grovel, since 1989.

And speaking of 1989, I got a fic for my birthday! Which was a trimester or so ago, but I'm finally here to link it, and do check it out, because it rocks pantyhose. Which you're probably able to tell by the title. And the author, actually, duh.

Sixth Generation Biscuit by ehnel
Summary: The Doctor takes Donna somewhere new in hopes of cheering her up. Immediately post-Forest of the Dead.

C'est magnifique.

And speaking of Whofic, there is this horrible Bible-Who crossover that I doubt I'll ever write but like planning (based on a bastardised anagram of River Song's name, naturally). I have a very important question to ask.

Poll #1341396 As if I wasn't already going to hell in a handbasket.

Which Biblical character (apart from Jesus) does Jack Harkness most resemble?

Noah (he saves the poor drowning beasts from the downpoor of estrogen and, upon his Torchwood, they procreate)
Joseph (Technicolor dreamcoat)
Abel (evil twin!)
Adam/Eve/the Snake (why??)
Wait... Jesus, what?
Someone else, let me enlighten you
Honey, your offensive ignorance is showing
Sorry. I'm so sorry.

My Mathematical Mindpervesions


Inverse functions do NOT have "a certain camomile-scented  Whovian charm".
Cantor's theorem is NOT the perfect analogy for interpersonal relationships.
Hilbert's paradox is NOT applicable for internetporn (it totally is though).


I still exist! Just not exactly on the internet. That is to say, I still occasionally prowl the internet, but not enough to comment or be in any way proper about replying to people. I do miss people, and enjoy the entries people compose, but my brain is overstuffed by mathematics and talking to people and flirting and reading and drawing (I've started and cannae stop) and I've never been properly addicted to LJ, so yes. Plz to not deflist, you know you love me, I may return all properly come winter break and spend hours upon hours pontificating on the exact shade of the bluesof Nine's soul and how ketchup is, after all, bad for the soul.

<3 and stuff,
I say.

My Doctorian Whoness

Watched all four seasons (guided by the expert hands ofehnel  ) and bits of Torchwood, inspected fanfiction and fanvids, have a fic idea concerning Donna and the sunscreen speech, built something called a Wibbly-Wobbly Fourth Wall Theory which I may or may not post later.

The verdict is that I am a sold-out, solid fangirl.

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My Nineteenth Birthday

I love the number 19. It's nine and ten, both awesome numbers, it's a prime, it's shaped like a fish that doesn't get caught, and there's even a song about it, although it's a nasty, difficult song. But! It's my birthday and it's a lovely one. Because of wow omg, I have friends who are awesome. Who are better than cake, but, they actually GIVE me cake, so they're doubly as good.

And in honour of that, I have a question for all and sundry:

What are your favourite fictional friendships?

I'll post mine as a comment here tomorrow, after I've soaked up the nineteenness. Please post yours!


My First Season.

Once upon a time, there lived a man with two hearts.
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There also lived a young wench, nary nineteen, who had ne'er before felt this and thus overwhelmed. One day, she was called away from her home to face off a peril greater by far than dragons. A peril 'twas called examinations and the faith of all the world rested on our wench's delicately hunched shoulders.

That day has not yet come for me, but it soon shall. For now, I shall merely disappear for two weeks. If you do run into me on the internet, it is surely a trick of lighting, gravity or me really wanting to talk to you, and flying pigs.